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COVID-19 Vaccine Booking Instructions

Click Here for COVID-19 Vaccine info in other languages

Before you book

  • If you are over 50. You can book online only by pressing the booking button at the bottom of this page. (no phone bookings). If you cannot manage this, email our nurse at for assistance to book
  • If no vaccine is available when you try to book, you will be added to the waiting list and contacted when it is in by Sms. It comes in every 2 weeks
  • You must have evidence of age, occupation, medical condition to show on the day (not necessary if you are a regular patient)
  • If you are immunosuppressed or have a bleeding tendency, blood disorder or, you are on treatment for cancer get advice from your Dr first before booking and bring along the advice
  • If you are age 70 or over, you must be assessed and cleared for the injection by your Dr and get a letter to confirm you can have it (or comment in your file or SMS from them to confirm that you are able to receive it)
  • You must have a current Medicare card with you on the day.
  • If you're not a patient of ours already, please complete a new patient registration form
  • If you have allergies to anything, mast cell disease , are faint with needles or needle phobic, or you have moderate - severe asthma - DO NOT  book here, but please book at the hospital hubs or respiratory clinics which are set up for these(The closest is Southbank Respiratory clinic in Grey st or consult the healthdirect website for further options)
  •  Before booking ensure we have up to date Medicare details

You can check your Medicare details:

  • on the MyGov website
  • in the Express Plus Medicare app on your phone or tablet
  • by calling Medicare on 131 011.

If you don’t have a Medicare account set up yet, you can:

  • sign up for Medicare
  • set up your online account on the MyGov website

If you can’t take part in Medicare, you can apply to get an Individual Health Identifier (IHI) on the Services Australia website and be seen at the Govt hubs for vaccination.

Your immunisation information will be uploaded to the Australian Immunisation Register. You can access this via your Express Plus Medicare account for your travel passport and immunisation record




  1. You are unwell with any cold and flu symptoms on the day. If you have symptoms, you need to be Covid tested negative prior and be symptom free for 5 days before coming
  2. If you have any allergies to anything at all e.g. food, vaccines, medications , cosmetics, latex particularly anaphylaxis, or have been prescribed an adrenaline EpiPen. If so, do not book here but go to the hospital Covid centres or Resp clinics which are set up for higher risk cases. Go to Healthdirect site to find them . The vaccine contains an additive compound found frequently as an additive in foods, medications, vaccines, cosmetics, OTC preparations and the vaccine is contraindicated in these cases if there could be an allergy to this additive compound. Alternatively, before booking, seek an allergists opinion/skin test before vaccination to ensure the allergy you have is not related to this common additive compound  (bring specialist letter)
  3. You are a fainter or a needle phobic- you MUST go to the hospital hubs as they have adequate beds to cope with this
  4. Don’t come if you have a history of cerebral clots (CVST), splanchnic clots or other unusual clotting though history of pulmonary embolus, DVT, hereditary clotting disorders are ok
  5. Don’t come if you are pregnant or could be pregnant (see your Dr for discussion and testing and advice)
  6. You cant book here if you have no current Medicare card. We are not permitted to vaccinate you. You must go to the hospital hubs
  7. You cant book here if you cannot return here for the second vaccine in 12 wks.
  8. Don’t book if you need more information before making a decision to be vaccinated , are vaccine hesitant ,as there is small time on the day. Book a telehealth or onsite Covid vax info appt prior for more discussion. These vaccine appts are for those people ready to go.
  9. Don’t book if you cannot understand English. Go to the hospital centres where they have interpreters so you can be properly consented
  10. Don’t book if you have had a vaccine within 2 weeks or allergen or venom injection. Wait until 2 weeks have passed e.g. after flu vax
  11. If you don't have a medicare card, you must go to the respiratory centres or the hospital hubs you cannot come here.


  1. Go to the bottom of this page and and choose a Covid vax appointment (not Covid Info appointment as that’s if you have questions and want a telehealth appointment for more information before you have your vaccine. If you are a new patients, you will need to be a face to face to be bulk billed for the Covid info appointment ). The vaccine appointment is bulk billed for new and regular patients with medicare cards
  2. Book both 1st appointment and 2nd appointment at 12 weeks appointment . We will send SMS reminders for appointments.
  3. Please book your 1st appointment and we will send an SMS reminder in 12 weeks time to book in your second appointment


LOCATION: We are located on the ground floor at Manor Apartments 289 Queen St. Next door to GPO. Come through the clear glass doors of Manor Hotel to the back opaque glass doors and enter . Check in kiosk is just inside to the right

  1. Depending on your reason for eligibility , bring evidence of your eligible disease(GP letter or specialist letter or your My heath Record info uploaded), age (licence or passport), occupation (employer letter or work ID card. (List of eligible diseases and evidence required next page )
  2. Bring your health summary or declaration form if a new patient. See declaration form below
  3. Bring your CURRENT Medicare card
  4. Come ready with upper arm exposed without need to undress/unbutton
  5. Have had a meal at your regular time(don’t be hungry)
  6. Check yourself in at the self check in kiosk at entry to back section with opaque glass doors. If you have any issues checking in see receptionist (if no one at reception on ground floor go to reception on lower level)
  7. DO NOT come if unwell in any way with cold and flu symptoms
  8. Ensure you have had all questions answered by a Telehealth appointment or a prior on site appt beforehand if you have any questions or concerns. The clinic is for ready to go patients only and small time for discussion.
  9. after checking in, hand in any paper work you have and wait on the timber chairs until you are called in.
  10. Advise the vaccinator if you are allergic to anything, are needle phobic, a fainter, or have bleeding tendencies/ are on blood thinners or immunosuppressed or could be pregnant or aged over 70yrs, have mast cell disease or history of cerebral clots or HIT(heparin induced thrombocytopenia)


  1. After vaccine, sit and wait in the timber chairs a minimum 15 mins. Wipe over chair with antiseptic wipes on leaving.
  2. While waiting, report any allergy symptoms immediately e.g. itchy rash swelling of lips or thickening feeling of tongue or throat, dizziness, trouble breathing, cough. Do not delay
  3. Ideally its best to stick close by for another 15 mins e.g. local coffee shop or post office steps.
  4. Allergic reactions can rarely occur up to another few hours or even a day after. If you get any symptoms with itch rash, or swelling lips, tongue, , troubles breathing, Call an ambulance immediately if not near a Dr. You can call us for advice ph 0409783463
  5. If you have an adverse reaction , you must report it. Go to our website and under Patient Info tab go to forms and fill in the Covid reaction report form and email to TGA and notify us also to

Post Vaccination Information

After your vaccination

  • Keep pressure on site 3 minutes to prevent bruising, or for 5 minutes if you are on blood thinners or have a bleeding disorder
  • Press the bell at front desk to notify us immediately if you feel itchy, develop a rash, hives, swelling/tingling of lips, tongue, throat, and faint or dizzy. A nurse will come and assist you.
  • If you feel faint, to avoid injury, sit or lie down immediately or if seated, put your head down. 
  • You MUST wait 15 minutes minimum on the timber seats only. We suggest you stay close by another 15 minutes eg. local coffee shop.

If you have any history of anaphylaxis or severe allergies, advise nurse and wait 30 minutes on site

You have received the Astra Zeneca vaccine today, the second dose is due in 12 weeks

We will send an SMS reminder to book your your second appointment just before 2 weeks

Two doses are required to have adequate coverage, you will need to receive the same brand of vaccine

After you leave

Allergic reactions, though rare, most often occur in first 15 min but can occur up to 2 hrs post vaccination

If in the first few hours after vaccination, you have any of the symptoms mentioned, immediately call us on 0409783463.

If you are not close by the practice, call an ambulance immediately as well.

Common side effects include headache, sore arm, nausea, fever, aches that will settle in 1-2 days. Panadol will assist fever, sore arm and aches. These vaccine side effects are a result of the immune response being activated to form immunity to Covid. 

A rare side effect is unusual serious clotting. If you develop a headache, abdo pains, pain in limbs or coldness or blueness of them or chest pains, shortness of breath or blood spots under the skin present at the emergency department immediately. It’s a 1/50,000 (under 50 yrs), 1/100,000 (50-69 yrs), 1/200,000 (70+yrs)  risk of this rare clotting disorder , less so the older you get.

All reactions/ side effects must be reported to the TGA. There is a form to download and submit to them on our website under patient info > Forms. Be sure to copy our nurse in as well at so we can update your record. If you have a strong localised reaction take a photo and send to us as well or come in to see us.

We will upload the immunisation to Australian Immunisation register so will be available to you there or via your My Gov account, Medicare express app or your My Health Record. 

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