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Chronic disease management is an essential part of modern healthcare

Chronic Disease Management Blog Photo

Chronic disease management is an essential part of modern healthcare, given the increasing prevalence of chronic conditions worldwide. Chronic diseases are any condition that lasts longer than six months and require ongoing medical management. Examples of chronic diseases include hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, respiratory conditions, kidney or liver diseases and many others.

Proper management of chronic diseases involves a collaborative effort between healthcare providers and patients. The Queen St Doctors here have expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, and they play a crucial role in managing these conditions.

Doctors who have expertise in managing chronic diseases are typically the first point of contact for patients who are diagnosed with these conditions. If you have a chronic disease, it is crucial to register with a doctor who can provide ongoing care and support. Your doctor can create an annual care plan tailored to your specific needs and work with you to manage your condition effectively. This is your road map to staying healthy longer

One of the essential tools used in chronic disease management is the Annual Care Plan. A Care Plan is a personalized plan that outlines the patient's healthcare needs and goals. The plan is developed by the doctor in consultation with the patient, and it outlines the necessary actions that need to be taken to manage the patient's chronic condition.

Care Plans can also include referrals to allied health professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists, dietitians, diabetes educators, and exercise physiologists. These allied health professionals can provide additional support to the patient in managing their condition. For instance, a physiotherapist can help a patient with arthritis manage their pain and maintain mobility, while a diabetes educator can help a patient with diabetes learn how to manage their blood sugar levels.

Patients with chronic conditions are eligible can receive subsidized allied health assistance under the Care plan. To be eligible, patients must have a chronic medical condition that has lasted for more than six months and need allied health assistance to manage the condition. Patients must also be seeing their doctor for the ongoing management of their condition.

The effective management of chronic diseases can lead to better health outcomes and an improved quality of life for patients. Its your roadmap to a long and healthy life.

Register with your doctor here now to benefit from the advantage of a chronic disease management plan in maintaining optimal health

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