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appointments and enquiries

For all appointments and enquiries, whever possible book online to take load off front desk. ALL BULKBILL APPTS MUST BOOK ONLINE. Click to request an appointment online.



Our Telephone System

Phone after 2pm Unless Urgent
The phones are busiest in the mornings taking appointments, so unless it's absolutely necessary, ring after 2pm for non-urgent matters. Better still, please email through non urgent enquiries or requests to
TeleHealth Appointments Avaliable
Where face to face consultation is not possible, an online Telehealth (telephone or video consultation) can be booked online

Be aware telehealth is not open to patients if they have not been seen by a doctor in this practice in the last 12 months. A face to face appt is necessary in that instance to attract a Medicare benefit otherwise a $78 fee applies for a telehealth when the patient hasn't been seen in last 12 months.
Cancellation Process
Please phone the practice to cancel appointments. Please do not use the email to cancel same day appointments. Please ensure you ring us well in advance if you cannot make your appointment so we can offer your appointment to another patient that is in need. Or if you booked online you can cancel online as well.


If you have booked a medical you will need to arrive 60 minutes prior to see the nurse for her to do her preparations.

New Patients:

If you are a new patient to the practice could you please register online to save time or arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment time so you can fill out the appropriate paperwork and get you in on time for your appointment. Late arrivals may be rebooked so as not to cause increased waiting times for our other patients. We like to pride ourselves on trying to keep to appointment times. Ideally new patients need to book a 20 min appt to allow the Dr to familiarise themselves with your whole history.

Typical 10 minute appointments

Urine infection, Rash
Pill script / no pap Pregnancy tests
Sore eye or ear, Simple results discussion
Skin infections, Sports Injury
Blood pressure check
Minor injuries or infection, Ear syringe
Upper respiratory tract infection, Thrush
Morning after pill, Ear infection
Breast check (no pap), Laser appointments

Typical 20 minute appointments

Pregnancy visit
Asthma review with breathing tests
Cervical screening test and breast check
Multiple minor problem appointment
Children's immunisations & Growth checks
Menopause counselling
Initial travel advice visit when masta form back
6 week check up after baby born
Medicals – (these must be pre-booked)
Investigations of: Headaches / tiredness / abdominal pain / back pain
New patient starting on the pill
Counselling /depression/anxiety/Mental Health Care Plan
Baby check at 6 weeks old
Full skin check
Investigations of: chest pain / dizziness / abnormal vaginal bleeding/lower abdominal pains.
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