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Practice Communications

We are very busy with calls especially in the morning, so unless imperative defer non urgent calls till the afternoon please.Wherever possible make all appts online to take load off our phones and leave them free for emergencies.Email is best used for non urgent , non medically sensitive communications . It is not encrypted and as such is not secure.

Scripts/ referrals /Requests for forms filled in/ certificates and medical questions for Drs are best dealt with by a telehealth appt or a face to face appt.
Telehealth requires you to have been seen face to face in last 12 mths.

Staff cannot give your results. Please don’t ring asking if results back. Make an appt to see/speak to the Dr .Or wait for the Dr to contact you via Sms with a message and a safe link to click to advise follow up of recent results.

Messages will be passed onto Drs but they are not in everyday so may not be answered until after they return.
If you are experiencing symptoms do not use email but ring and ask to speak to a nurse or make an appt for the Dr.
If an emergency dial 000 immediately

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