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Covid Boosters are Essential!

Immunity wanes from about the third month to be only 50% at 6 months after.
Make sure you book in for your booster at 6 mths. We have Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, Moderna and will have Novavax when it comes

You can book online at

When we open up we are going to get a big wave of infection through the unvaccinated particularly
Currently unvaccinated people are 70 times more likely to end in ICU than the vaccinated.90% of people in hospital with Covid are the unvaccinated

The older you are and if you are immune compromised the less protection you get from just 2 vaccines so boosters are especially important for you.They boost immunity levels up to 90%
Vaccination for 6-11 yr olds is coming in January 2022.

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