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Don’t forget your Cervical Screening Test

We used to call it a Pap smear, which tested for the changes in the cells infected by human papilloma virus (HPV), but the new techniques test for the presence of human papilloma virus instead which is the cause of cervical cancer.)If you don’t have HPV , you won’t get Cervical cancer. If you do, there is a good chance your body will kill it off naturally via your immune system.

However a few women will not be able to eradicate it and it can grumble on, causing changes in the cells, which over many years could cause a Cervical cancer . This is why Cervical screening is so important. It will detect problems before a cancer develops and we can treat it so a cancer is prevented from forming.

Screening prevents Cervical cancer. Most women who get Cervical cancer are those that have not had regular screening and this lets a cancer form unchecked. Book a 20 min appt to slow a full checkup.

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