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Japanese Encephalitis has reached Australia


Formerly it was known only in Asian countries and is needed for travel there when its endemic and you plan to be there a month or more. We now have a reservoir of infection in pigs and waterbirds in Australia.

The mozzies bite them and then infect humans1/200 who get bitten get very sick and of that 1/200 people who get very sick , 1/3 will die and another 1/3 get permanent brain damage and 1/3 will surviveSymptoms develop 5-15 days after being bitten with headache fever, aches, and progression to coma in some.Risks are highest for those who live and work around piggeries, work at abattoirs, work with mozzies, vets , those going to Asian countries where it is endemic.

Prevention is by mozzie protection (dont have water puddles around the house, wear mozzie repellant and long sleeves and trousers)Two vaccines are available Imojev- this is a live attenuated virus vaccine and cant be given to immunocompromised people or pregnant ladies.

Its just the one vaccine for life. It must be given on the same day as other live vaccines or a month apartJespect is a 2 vaccine course , given 1 month apart, and can be given to all and needs a booster at 1 year for long protection. Cost is $400 for either one.

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