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We request the following personal details for two purposes. Firstly we are legally required to maintain certain minimum information about our patients in addition to the medical records kept by your doctor. Secondly and more importantly, this information assists us to gain the best health outcomes for you by facilitating communication with specialists and with relatives in cases of medical emergency. We use Hotdoc app to assist with appts on line, appt reminders, results communications, patient recalls and new patient registration forms, patient information leaflets and broadcasts. This app keeps any information you give off site in their secure Amazon servers. The patient registration sheet is deleted off their servers in 1 month but other data may remain thats needed for the app to work. See for their full security information, These apps provide patients great convenience but we as we know no server is 100% bullet proof to if uncomfortable to use this app, let the receptionist know.

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    Online Claiming: If you prefer for Medicare to pay your rebate back into your account, please register your bank account details with Medicare.

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